Social Responsibilities

NationGate has been promoting social responsibility for a long time since it was incorporated, based on the concept of from community back to community with the vision of improving corporate and social sustainable competitiveness, NSM target to drive society to the direction of goodwill. Our management team hopes to promote the harmonious development of society and the progress of civilization through investment in education, public charities, technology and employees’ volunteer services.

Our Culture

Nepal earthquake donation

Nepal earthquake donation to each organizations.

conducive workplace

Robotic Design Competition

Robotic Design Competition at Chung Ling High School, Butterworth, SMK Bagan Jaya and Kwang Hwa Primary School.

humanistic culture activity

Secondary School Field Trip to NationGate

These are secondary school students on field trip to NationGate to have exposure trip in manufacturing environment. Majority from their Robotic club and Science students.

humanistic culture activity

Local community activity

Gotong-Royong At Taman Mas,Prai